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Grethe fox has worked as a leading actress in over 60 theatre productions, 10 television dramas, 18 television series and 9 feature films. She studied at UCT Drama School & the Jacques le Coq Theatre and Mime school in Paris. Grethe Fox has received over 16 nominations for theatre performances including a Vita Award for her role in Women in the Wings and has been awarded 6 Best Actress Awards for her work in film & television.

Grethe has starred in many productions, including Madonna in Boklied, Nasha in Reza de Wet's Drie Susters II and Goue Seun. In 1998 Grethe won an Avanti Television Award for her performance in Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond. She appears as Karen in the popular series Soul City. Grethe will be remembered for her performance as Erna Dorfmann in the Fourth Reich for which she received the Artes, Tonight & M Net Awards. Grethe appeared in the British film Merlin the return and in the German film Malundi and she recently completed Platinum.

She more recently appeared in MNet’s series Snitch and Katinka Heyns’ series, Amalia & Amalia II as well as guest artist on Isidingo. Grethe is a stage and screen actress who was schooled at UCT's drama department. She has received 11 award nominations for theatre performances and has been awarded six best actress awards for her work in film and television



World Unseen                                                Support                                   dir. Shamim Sarif

Big Fellas                                                       Support                                   dir. Philip Roberts

The Fourth Reich                                                                                           dir. Manie van Rensburg

(M-Net Award nomination)

The Good Fascist                                                                                           dir. Helena Nogueira

(Winner M-net Award)  

‘n Pot Vol Winter                                                                                          dir. Johan Bernard

Au Pair                                                                                                           dir.Heinrich Dahms

Merlin: The Return                                                                                         dir. Paul Matthews

A Reasonable Man                                                                                         dir. Gavin Hood

Malunde                                                                                                         dir. Stephanie Sycholt



Isidingo (current daily drama)                       Support                                   SABC

Amalia                                                                                                            Sonneblom Films

Living with Mother                                                                                        Lampen Productions

Platinum                                                                                                         Philo Films

Soul City

Onder Draai Die Duiwel Rond                                                                      dir. Katinka Heyns

Paradys                                                                                                          dir. Danie Joubert

The fourth Reich                                                                                            dir. Manie van Rensburg

Konings                                                                                                          dir. David Lister

Good News                                                                                                    dir. Manie van Rensburg

Westgate                                                                                                        dir. Edgar Bold

Dokter Dokter                                                                                                dir. Dir. Stephan Bouwer

Die Mannheim Sage                                                                                       dir. Koos Roets

Moordspeletjies                                                                                              dir. Danie Joubert

Die Dood van Elmien Adler                                                                          dir. Katinka Heyns



Polina in reza de Wet’s On The Lake                                                             dir. Reza de Wet

Masha in reza de Wet’s Drie Susters Twee                                                    dir. Martinus Basson

Boklied                                                                                                           dir. Martinus Basson

Children of the Wolf                                                                                      dir. Mark Graham

Dolls House                                        Lead                                                    dir. Clare Stopford

Vroue Van Troje                                 Lead                                                    dir. Barney Simon

Lulu in August August August          Lead                                                    dir. Peter Kleinschmidt



U.C.T BA Degree in Drama and languages and a Performers diploma at U.C.T



Vita Award for Women In The Wings directed by Deon Opperman

Avanti television Award for Onder Draai Die Duiwel Rond.

M-Net Film Awards for The Good Fascist directed by Helena Nogueira