Thoko Ntshinga (CT)

Biographical Information
Dark Brown
English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu


Thoko Ntshinga is a South African actress best known for her roles as Donna Makaula on the M-Net soap opera Egoli, and as Senior Superintendent Nomsa Dlamba on the SABC1 drama series Interrogation Room, since 2005.


Founder and Director of Nants’ingqayi Arts Development Association. (A Community Development Project, based in Langa, Cape Town. South A frica.) 

Freelance Director, Actor, Translator, Cultural Facilitator, Community Development Practitioner. Commun ity Theatre Facilitator.




2012                           Dark Tide (Performer)

2009                           Eersgeborene (Performer)

2007                           The bird can’t fly (Performer)

2007                           Anner House (Performer)

2007                           Mein Traum von Afrika (Performer)

2006                           Goobye Bafana  (Dialogue coach)

2005                           Follow your heart (Performer)

2006                           Katrina (Performer)

2000                           A Reasonable Man (Performer)

1988                           A Dry White Season (Performer)

1987                           Taxi to Soweto (Performer)

1984                           Skating on Thin Uys (Performer)

1983                           Farce about Uys (Performer)



2007               Interrogation Room (Performer, Creative Director and Translator)

2005               Interrogation room (Performer)

1993-2003      Egoli, South African tele-serial (Performer) Trainee Director

1991/2            Velaphi  (Performer and Translator)

1990               Iingcinga (Performer) Best actress award

1989               Ingqumbo Yeminyanya, 2nd assistant Director and Cultural Adviser

1989               Akukho nkwal’liphandel’enye (Performer)



2012-13          Mies Julie Strindberg-Adapted by Yael Farber (Performer)

2012               Amaza by Z S Qangule. Artscape (Adapted and Directed)

2011.              Bash or Be Bashed. (Written and directed)

2011               Amaza by Z S Qangule. Artscape (Adapted and directed)

2009               Ezethu, the musical. Artscape (Conceptualiser and Director)

2008               Wayenje u Langa (Creator & Director) Suidoosterfees festival.

2005               Lazarus (Performer) UCT Little Theatre

2004-5            Kusalawula Yena (Adapted, Directed)

2004               Church full of Light (Performer)

1999               And the girls in their Sunday Dresses (Director)

1997               The good woman of Sharkeville (Performer)

1990               Curl up and dye (Performer)

1998               SABS Approved, Cabaret (Performer, Singer)

1987               Black & White Follies, musical (Performer/ Singer)

1986               Born in the RSA (Workshoped) Tour of England, Scotland & USA (Performer/deviser)

1984               Umongikazi / the Nurse (Performer)

1993               Farce about Uys (Performer)

1980               Uyscreams with hot chocolate sauce (Performer)

1979               Call me woman (Workshoped) Performer/deviser

1979               Cincinatti (Workshoped) Performer/deviser

1979               Nongogo (Performer)

1977               The African Odyssey (Musical) Performer/Lead dancer

1976               The Sacrifice of Kreli (Performer)


Prizes and Awards

 2013               Fleur Du Cap nominee for best supporting actress (Mies Julie)

2003               Woman of the World Award (WOW)

2000               City press/Rapport (Newspapers) Prestige 2000 Award for one of SA’sMost Inspirational Women

1998               Artistic Recognition of Excellence Award (Harlem USA)

1997               Corbet/Langa Award for uplifting the Community through outstanding Achievement in Dramatic Art. Cape Town

1993               Artes Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Work ‘Iingcinga’ (South African Broadcasting Cooperation. SABC)


Research Awards and Funding

NRF University Block Grant( Internal funding for a chosen project) Western Cape Cultural Commission (for Nants’ingqayi arts Development)

Suidoosterfees festival (for Nants’ingqayi Arts Development)

Ms Ntshinga developed isiXhosa language stream at the University of Cape Town Drama Department. This resulted in the adaptation of ‘Kusalawula Yena’, by GBS Xundu, a Grade 12 prescribed novel for the isiXhosa learners, in the Western Cape Region.

This piece of work was also adapted from a stage work into a multi media style where all exteriors were played on screen while the play was live on stage. DVD’s of this play were distributed to High schools for further assistance in the high school revision of the novel.

Ms Ntshinga was also part of the team which developed the Community Theatre

Stream at UCT during her time as a lecturer there.


2012                Rape Crisis Counselling, Rape Crisis Centre, Cape Town Trust

(RCCTT) Certificate

2010-11          Comprehensive Life Coach Training. South African Institute of Life

Coach Training (SAILCT) Certificate

2004.                 Certificate, Event Management. Artscape Theatre.

2005.                 MA Theatre for Development (TFD), Winchester University. England

2000               Franz Marx Films, Multi Camera, Directorship (Learnership)

1998               Business Management and Administration (Damelin College)

1997               Communication 1 (University of South Africa. Unisa)

1997               Industrial psychology 1 (Unisa)

1997               Practical English (Unisa)

1996               Certificate (Drama) University of Pretoria (Proff. Louw Oodendaal) (A Community Outreach Project)



2 003-2006       Lecturer, University of Cape Town (UCT)



Engaging the Langa community in self- upliftment and acquiring of skills towards self empowerment.

 Workshops and practice on Mon, Wed, Fridays for Theatre, Dance and African drums with the youth in Langa to date.

Reminiscence Theatre with senior citizens at Kwa Nolungile senior citizens’ club to date.

Organising professionals to share skills with Community members of Langa Cape Town.


Research (Areas where participation is required in the creation of material.)

Ntshinga T, 2012, Production: Amaza by Z S Qangule, Adapted and directed. Artscape

Ntshinga T, 2011.  Production: Amaza by Z S Qangule. Adapted and directed. Artscape

Ntshinga T, 2005. Production: Lazarus by Patrick Cairns. Intimate Theatre, UCT Drama Department. “Performer”.

Ntshinga T, 2005. Production: Kusalawula Yena, by GBS Xundu. Little Theatre. UCT Drama Department. ‘Adapted and directed’

Ntshinga T, 2004. Nosel'eyibethile, directed, Artscape. Ntshinga T, 2003. Consultancy: Catch a Wake up. The use of

Theatre for Development with the youth at UCCSA Church, Soweto. South Africa.


Other positions held

2010-to date   Board member, New Africa Theatre Association.

2008-to date   Director, Waterfront Television.

2005-7            Commissioner of the Western Cape Cultural Commission (WCCC)

2006-7            Chairperson of the Western Cape Cultural Councils 2006/7/8

2005-9            Board member of the St Joseph’s Home for Chronic Invalid Children

2004-to date   Director of Nants’ingqayi Arts Development Foundation (NAD), a Community Development project. Langa.

1999-2002       Trustee – Arts and Culture Trust of the President

2002               Arts Coordinator for the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust (Cape Town)